Holographic Encryption for Binary Data by Using Logical Operator Essay

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Holographic Encryption for Binary Data by using Logical Operator By Yusniza Yusoff, Siti Maznah, Nur Adilah Universiti Utara Malaysia Abstract This paper introduces a set of algorithms to holographically encrypt and decrypt a page of binary data. Binary data encoding is important for encryption process because it is a way to upgrade and achieve the data security. The technique that have been used in encryption and decryption process of binary data is implemented by using the OR, AND, NOR, NAND and XOR logical operator. An intermediate key of binary image as a password key is used to encrypt and decrypt image process. The same intermediate key is also used to decrypt the encrypted binary image. The simple step of algorithm is used in this technique to come out the encryption and decryption image. Keyword: Encryption, Decryption, Binary Data. 1. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, information and communication is the related to human activities, where people and technology must communicate or share information in order to make decisions. It therefore behooves that this essence of humans should be protected and managed to ensure its sustainability, integrity, accuracy. [1] What are holograms? Holograms are the laser rays divided to become two parts that a too light (illuminate) object while another (reference beam) being reflected by mirror. [2] Both laser radiations will meet to form a hologram. This hologram can be applied to create back image two-dimensional than natural object. [3] Now, in general holographic it is include two ways that is holographic data storage and retrieval system. Holographic data storage is a mass storage technology that uses 2D holographic images to enable more information to be stored in a smaller space. [4] The technology uses holograms that are created when a light from a single laser beam is split into two beams that is the signal beam (carries a

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