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Museum of Jewish Heritage Lea Viera April 9, 2014 During spring break, I visited a museum in New York City that referenced the holocaust and the accomplishment of rebuilding the Jewish culture. When my mother and I went to New York I looked up museums around the area, once we came across this one we went for it. The museum went over these following topics: the Jewish culture before the holocaust, the war against the Jews during the holocaust, and the Jewish renewal after the holocaust. The most powerful lesson I learned was how much the Jewish people went through during the holocaust, and learning about made me feel unworthy for my belongings I have. From entering one exhibit to another, it was intriguing to see how strong the Jews were during the horrific event. Jewish people even in fear still had enough pride in their culture to be released. When times were discouraging for the Jews, they encouraged everyone else as if they were a big…show more content…
The Jewish people had to let go of every little memory they had of the past, and live with nothing. They struggled, got sick, and died from working furiously. While I just sit and eat a apple I think of how bad they wish they could’ve eaten an apple through that time. I wish I could live with the thought of surviving something so dreadful yet be happy for what I have. During this visit, I realized how much struggle the Jewish people had all because of nothing. This museum helped express what we should be appreciative about, and tribute the ones that have fallen during the holocaust. Many of the exhibits also began informing how we ourselves could help change views about the holocaust and the importance of the culture. The Jewish families were all so strong, and were full of pride. That’s what I loved most about the museum, the learning of their

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