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Jarret Kirkham Dr. Denning Contemporary World History March 5th, 2014 What: The document is combined with 2 articles written by Rudolph Hoss and A French doctor during the Holocaust. The two men writing these documents describe the cruelty of how gas chambers and crematoriums were used in Auschwitz-Birkenau and how many Jewish people were killed daily in them. The first article written by Rudolph Hoss describes mainly the numbers of which Jewish individuals were brutally killed in gas chambers within only one day. He speaks about how at one point, the most people killed in one day reached up to over 9000 bodies. He also explains that of the 4 major chambers, they experienced several maintenance issues. Hoss goes on to describe how many people could be packed into these chambers at one time. The second document written by a French doctor goes into more detail of what actually happened in the horrible chambers. The doctor said the guards would tell prisoners that they would be given baths and hot coffee if they came with them. However that was a lie, the prisoners were taken instead to a gas chamber. The author describes that once prisoners realized what was going on they clutched to their children and tried refusing to go in but were beaten with guns and forced in to max capacity. The prisoners outside heard the screams of people and eventually it all got silent. Doctors would take corpses hair and gold teeth once they were out of the chambers. It was made clear in the document that this was just another day at the camp. Thesis: Both authors seemed to have a very similar approach to what they thought about the holocaust; it was extremely disturbing. Both authors do a great job at painting a clear picture about how terrible the German’s treated the Jewish people in concentration camps. The Doctors tells a specific terrifying story about how every day life was

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