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Oskar Schindler: The man that saved 1200 Jews Ahmed Khan English 135 Professor Schumacher Abstract This paper is about the courage of one man during the most horrific time in history. Oskar Schindler not only risked his life but also his entire fortune to save 1200 Jews that were employed in his factory. This paper will be about how he was able to accomplish such a miracle and how his employees came to have so much trust in one man. It will also look at others during this time that helped save the Jews from this atrocity. Oskar Schindler: The man who saved 1200 Jews This is the remarkable story of how one man was able to save the lives of 1200 Jews during one of the most horrific times in history. Oskar Schindler took over a Jewish owned enamelware factory during the Nazi occupation in 1939 of Krakow, Poland. He then hired Yitzhak Stern, an accountant, to run his factory. Yitzhak Stern then began to hire Jews to work in the factory. Oskar Schindler not only made millions of dollars with his factory in Krakow, but spent all of it paying off the SS in order to save “his children”. "The persecution of Jews in occupied Poland meant that we could see horror emerging gradually in many ways. In 1939, they were forced to wear Jewish stars, and people were herded and shut up into ghettos. Then, in the years '41 and '42 there was plenty of public evidence of pure sadism. With people behaving like pigs, I felt the Jews were being destroyed. I had to help them. There was no choice." ("The Oscar Schindler Story", n.d., p. 01) Krakow, Poland On September 06, 1939, German troops began their occupation of Krakow, Poland. The SS ordered the shutdown of all Jewish Synagogues and businesses. They raided and looted all Jewish establishments of all valuables and artifacts. Within a few months, the SS ordered all Jews over the age of 12 to wear armbands with the

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