Holo Mai Pele And Rsquo Analysis

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Bryce White HWST 107 11/1/09 Holo Mai Pele Before moving to Hawai’i I thought hula was just something that local natives did for the tourists at luau’s. I figured it had something to do with their culture but I didn’t know exactly what it was all about. If you look up hula in the dictionary it says that it is a dance form accompanied by a chant or song. It is more than just a dance with a chant! Way before the beginning of written word, knowledge was handed down through generations through the concept of hula. I feel as if the old ways of passing knowledge down is better than today in Hawaiian culture. The reason being that mere words could never project the beauty, wonder and awe that can be expressed through…show more content…
This film I found to be very fascinating. It was neat when watching the film and how it went back and forth from the preparation of the event in the studio, to the actual performance of the characters to the beautiful footage of the Hawaiian landscape. I have never seen a hula performance with all these attributes put together. I have only seen the very touristy kinds that you see at the hotels you stay at in Waikiki. In addition, I have seen a couple other types of hula that were not in a luau, but didn’t have all this fantastic elements put together. I really enjoyed watching the performance and being able to see the large screen behind the dancers showing footage of volcanic eruptions, lava flowing and the vast tropical rain forests Hawai’i has to offer. To me, it felt as if I was pretty much there with those characters and was almost part of the story as I watched it. My mind transformed from watching the film to having wanting me to be in that time and place and relive those events. It was just spectacular! As i have stated earlier, I don’t know too much about hula. So after watching this film I have a better grasp on what hula is. I know now that there are two types of hula and in the film they used the traditional hula to portray the story of Pele. I was amazed on how much knowledge hula has in it. I know that in the old days the people would use hula to pass down knowledge but…show more content…
I would have to say no. Now there are always a few bad seeds in every apple, but for all of them to do that is just a little insane to me. I think since our siblings and us have some of the same genetic code that we actually are attracted to the same kind of human being. So for me to see this, in a performance so well done just makes me laugh a little bit. It always seems that there are checks and balances in everything we do. What I mean is that even though Pele and Hi’iaka have this tension between themselves one is not stronger then the other. Because after every eruption, lava flows and destroys what life lies in it’s path, but before long, they become beds of ‘ohi’a seedlings. With that, comes new life and vegetation. So even though one tries to ruin things, the other uses that anger and frustration to bring new life to the world. I found it very intriguing to learn a little information about what a halau was. Before watching this film I had no clue what a halau was or what the main purpose of it. After looking it up I found out all it is, is just a school for hula. I thought it was an added bonus, when they interviewed with the Kumu Hula and Pualani Kanaka’ole Kanahele. It is just amazing that this halau has been passed down through seven generations! It is just so astonishing and

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