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ENGLISH LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT C: PROSE How does Conan Doyle use narrative tension to create a sense of menace in the Hound of the Baskervilles? ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES FOR COURSE WORK: The assessment objectives provide an indication of the skills and abilities which the assessment components are designed to assess. Candidates are required to: • AO1 respond to texts critically, sensitively and in detail, selecting appropriate ways to convey their response, using textual evidence as appropriate. • AO2 explore how language, structure and forms contribute to the meanings of texts, considering different approaches to texts and alternative interpretations; • AO4 relate texts to their social, cultural and historical background. The actual assessment criteria for this assignment reads: Candidates respond critically and sensitively to a text or texts, taking into account alternative approaches and interpretations. They explore and critically evaluate the ways meanings, ideas and feelings are conveyed through language, structure and form. They make clear connections and comparisons between texts. They identify and comment on social, historical and cultural contexts of texts. Response is coherent, logical and structured. Form and style match audience and purpose. Candidates show analytical and interpretive skill when evaluating: • social, cultural and historical context of text; • the writer’s exploitation of language for emotive and figurative effect; • style, structure and characterisation. In real terms, then, this requires you to research, record and evaluate the following in the introduction to your essay: • biographical details of Arthur Conan Doyle that are relevant to his Sherlock Holmes fiction; • the detective fiction genre and its conventions; • how Arthur Conan Doyle influenced this genre with Sherlock Holmes; WRITING

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