Hollywood Love vs. Modern Love

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Hollywood Love VS. Modern Love All my life I have been made to believe that there is such a thing as a “knight in shinning armor”. I think we all believe this because we have been raised on Disney movies which portray the man as being the “hero” or “knight in shinning in armor” and in these movies the woman is portrayed as a “damsel in distress” and “helpless”. T.S. Eliot's poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” opposes these views. I would have to agree with Eliot's view on love. I believe this way because there is no man nor woman that is perfect. I feel that through out this poem he states how a lot of people feel about love. In most of the Disney movies the girl is portrayed as a damsel in distress or helpless. In the 20th century the woman's role has changed. Women in the modern days now go to school, have a career and take a more active role in society. No longer do women depend on men to support or take care of them. I find this poem ironic because it is supposed to be about love, but in fact it is about how bad and awful love is. The poem starts by quoting a passage from “Daunte's Inferno”. The passage from “Daunte's Inferno” is about hell which leads me to believe that this poem will in fact not be about love. The title of this poem is also very unromantic. Throughout the poem he continues to state “there will be time”. He believes that there will be plenty of time for him to find true love but as the poem goes on he starts aging, losing hair and getting skinny. But he still continues to say “there will be time”. In lines 44 and 45 he states “Do I dare disturb the Universe?” The universe he is referring to is a group of women and if he tried to sing a “love song” to one of those he would disrupt the equilibrium. In line 70 he begins to think of things he could say to them but quickly forgets about it saying that it “would be better to be merely
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