Holloween Story Essay

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As I enter the space station, a feeling of fear dawns apon me. My body begins to shiver as if this fear had taken a life of its own. Then my nerves start to go numb but I press onward. As I turn the corner into a long, narrow hallway I here a low growl. My stomach begins to churn and I begin to sweat. The room is well lit so I begin to walk slowly towards the end. I hear a scuffling sound in the distance causing a sharp pain every where around my body. All of a sudden the lights go out causing pitch black darkness. There is dead silence as every single aspect of me begins to go cold and numb almost to the brink of fainting. Still there is dead silence. I begin to shiver extremely as my feet go numb even though I want to run to the other side of the hallway. An extremely high pitched scream and growl echoes through the hallway, almost as if it where right next to me. As I sob, I force myself to run praying to god it doesn’t get me. As I run and can here it trailing right behind me screaming, growling, snarling. “OH MY GOD”! I scream as I get to the other side of the hallway. A door is on the other side. I get through and shut it as fast as I can. Its still screaming as it bangs the door as hard as it can. Then, silence. A feeling of relief passes over me as I turn to go on. I hear another high-pitched scream. “JESUS”! This time creature is in front of me! “OH MY GOD”! Theres no other way to

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