Hollering Vs Texting

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Hollering vs. Texting Hollering and texting are two types of communication for people to use to talk to one another. Texting is a more modern type of communication, and hollering is an older version type of communication, yet sometimes used today too. Texting and hollering are both an effective form of communication because of adequate transmission of tone and functionality. Hollering and texting both show tone, but they do it in different ways. Hollering shows tone by using different types of pitches and sounds with someone using their voice, unlike texting which uses words. According to “The Lost Art of Hollering,” “the typical melodic movement ‘consists simply of alterations between the first, third and fifth of the scale’ so that the voice is ‘employed almost as a musical instrument’” (The Lost Art 1). Hollering has four main ways that show different types of tones that are the distress hollers, functional hollers, communicative hollers, and the expressive hollers. Each one of the hollers was used for different things, like the “Communicative hollers: ‘Howdy neighbor’ is the main purpose of [those] cries,” and the other ones were also used for certain reasons (Types of Hollers 2). Texting also shows tone, but in a much different way than hollering does. While texting people, to show the tone people use explanation marks and quotation marks. According to David Wygant, “It’s great for confirming things… (‘Did you get home safely?’). It’s a great way to reconfirm things…” (Wygant 1). Another way that people show tone is by using abbreviations like, “lol,” “haha,” “jk,” and many more. There are many different ways to show the way that the person texting is feeling, and they do so by doing some of the many ways. Hollering and texting are also very functional. The two types of communication are very good for their time periods that they are being used.

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