Holistic Biographical Narrative of a Child’s Development

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Holistic biographical narrative of a child’s development In this essay I will look at the holistic biographical development of a child age ranged between three and four. I will begin my essay by introducing the child I observed and summary of the observations. My observations took place at child’s home in natural setting to discover the learning and development of a child. The method used for observation was narrative as it is flexible and rich in providing information about children. Further to this, I will discuss different child development theories related to the child I observed. Before carrying the observations the mother of the participant was provided with a consent form which assured the confidentiality and anonymity of the child and family. All the information regarding observations and the techniques used for examination was explained to the mother. After the consent form was signed the observations took place. First of all I asked mother a few questions about their background and family members followed by child’s interests. Bilal was born in London and by the time of observation he was 44 months old. His mother and father belonged from Pakistan, they moved to England six years ago. He is the youngest child in his family and had an older sister and a brother. His father work’s as an administration officer in a shipment company whereas Bilal’s mother is a full time student. He is currently residing in a three bedroom house with his family. None of Bilal relatives reside in this country all of them are dispersed in different countries but visit them sometimes. The religion practiced by Bilal’s family is Islam. The language spoken at home is Urdu and English. He started full time nursery by the age of 31 months because of his mother’s educational commitment. According to his mother he is loved by everyone in the family because he is youngest child in
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