Complex Needs Analysis

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss holistic care given for a patient with complex needs with whom I was involved with in a forensic setting. The essay will assess the needs and explore a range of factors contributing to complex health break down and will also focus on one aspect of care and give a rationale for the chosen need. The essay will also provide a critical reflection of the relationship between goals set and the care delivered. It will outline and provide recommendations for practice in relation to the chosen need.
Rankin and Regan, (2004) describes complex needs as a framework for understanding multiple, interrelated needs that affect health and social issues such as learning disability, mental health problems, substance misuse,
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One of the things we offered Alex included 1:1 nursing interventions to allow him to ventilate his feelings and thoughts and also providing my mentor and I an opportunity to identify some of the triggers and risks as suggested by NICE,( 2005). As part of the crisis management plan, Alex was to inform staff if he needed PRN or space such as spending time in the garden instead of being in a restrictive ward environment especially when he was failing to cope with feelings of agitation and anxiety. De-escalation skills such as addressing needs and negotiating a common ground to work on have been used when working with Alex and in rare circumstances physical interventions such as Prevention and Management of Aggression techniques have also been used. All these interventions were care planned in collaboration with…show more content…
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