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Strengths 1. Holista CollTech was the only producer of sheep (ovine) collagen worldwide using patented extraction methods. In early 2008, Holista Biotech decided to take over an Australian company, CollTech Ltd. (CollTech), which has been listed on the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) since 2004. CollTech, which was based in Perth, was a producer of sheep-based collagen, which Holista Biotech believed would have a potentially substantial demand in the future. According to Dato’ Rajen, there were religious issues raised in the use of collagen made from cow and pig by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Muslims and Jews. However, fewer concerns were voiced regarding the use of sheep collagen. Moreover, Australian sheep are generally disease-free and their meat is well accepted globally. 2. Halal ovine collagen Holista CollTech’s ovine collagen was sourced mainly from sheep, and was halal certified and thus was culturally acceptable to Muslim consumers55. A halal certification provided assurance to Muslim consumers that the collagen’s sources and process fulfill the Shariah law. For non-Muslims, the certification guarantees high quality, since the certification will only be awarded if its applicant complies with good manufacturing practices. 3. Collaboration with university Also, in 2009, Holista CollTech group began col-laborating with Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP), University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to conduct research on Kacip Fatimah and its anti-aging effect on skin. For this purpose, in September 2009, Holista CollTech signed an MoU with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to work on a formulation that would integrate UTM patent pending Kacip Fatimah anti-aging cream preparation with Holista CollTech’s ovine collagen formula, which would lead to the commercialization of a face cream in the first quarter of 2010. In September the same year, Holista CollTech

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