Holidays Essay

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Holiday brings delights to the students, because holidays provide them recreation and rest. A vacation generally comes after numerous days of toil and hard work. So it is no wonder when a school boy expresses joy when a holiday arrives. All students eagerly wait for holidays. Holidays remove the seriousness of study and examination from the tender minds of the students. They fleet the time in a light vein. Generally they pass their time in visiting their friends, in reading stories and other light books, in visiting cinema, theatre and circus and also in visiting the places of their choice. Such activities enhance their spirit for fresh study. Therefore, holidays are very important. Some students who have earlier neglected their studies try to utilise holidays to make up arrears in their studies. Holidays are of different types. Sunday is a regular holiday after six days of work. There are other holidays such as Independence Day, Republic Day, and so on. Holi and Diwali are festive holidays. Dussehra, Christmas and Summer Vacation are long holidays. These long holidays are meant for revision of lessons rather than for joy and merriment. Holidays provide leisure for average students. But weak students devote a maximum part of holidays to study. They do their school tasks as well as home works. Students who are sincere in their studies may engage themselves in developing their hobbies. They may play games, may collect rare photographs or may play on musical instruments. Very often we celebrate marriages in our families. In case of deaths in family, study is also hampered. In that case long vacation is a golden chance for the students make up the loss of time and study. Some students utilise their holidays by attending service camps. Students from farmer's family extend their help to their parents in agricultural work. This is the best use of holidays for them.

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