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ANUARY New Year - January 1: New Year's Day is one the most favorite holidays in Russia. Both grown-ups and children are happy on this day. n the Eve of this holiday or just on this very day everybody give presents to each other, have fun, make fireworks, decorate pine and fur-trees, cook delicious things and lay the holiday table. The unchangeable participants of this holiday are Farther Frost and his granddaughter "Snegurochka"(a snow girl). The holiday lasts till next morning. Everyone who believes in good says an intimate wish and thanks God for everything good that had happened that year. For the first time this holiday was announced by Peter 1 's order dated by January 20, 700. This order gave the detailed instructions how to celebrate New Year's Day. Many people used to see the New Year in on January 14, (according to the old calendar). And the tradition of telling fortunes at this night is very popular among young ladies and fellows, who is willing to know at least a little bit about their near future. Orthodox Christmas - January 7: This period from 7 till 19th of January is the best period for telling fortunes, as it is the Saint Christmas week, when people have fun, ware fancy-dresses and walk from one home to another asking for favor. In the night of the 7th of January (according to the orthodox calendar) is Christmas. In Christmas holidays people try to be better, purer (cleaner); it is the time when Christian values take peculiar importance (meaning), it is time for good deeds. Christmas-is the holiday of waiting for miracles. As once it had happened in Vifliem - the Rescuer of humanity was born, so it must happen every year on this day. That's why both grown-ups and children are waiting for Christmas with such impatience and even though miracle doesn't take place the holiday is very nice with its unique mixture of folk and Christian customs and

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