Holes' Novel Essay 'Whom Did God Punish?

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In this essay i am going to disscus about the book Holes Writen By Louis Sachar. Our Subject from the book is: “Whom did god punish?!” I Have picked out 2 people related and 1 town related subjects who i think have been suverly punished by god. The Yelnats Famil: I think they were punished by the one we call “the almighty god” Because the Yelnats family’s Great Great Great Grandfather was given a curse by Madame Zeroni of unluckynes. And the Great Great Great Grandfather is now called the No-Good- Dirty-Rotten-Pig-Stealin- Great- Great- Great-Grandfather which the family has blamed for everything... Green Lake: Green Lake is Reasonably Punished because after Kate Barkow killed thoose people(trout walker, sherif) it stoped raining at the town, and ofcourse the lake started to get vapourised into clouds which took the lake away and rained down to the ocean. And now Green Lake i oficialy out of resources, for example: Water, Vegetables, and even the preacious peach trees.. so practicaly green lake is Now Dry lake. Plus Creatures whom likes the dry climate, will gather and make a stay at green lake such as, Scorpions and Yellow Spoted Lizards. Also other animals A.K.A pets will die pretty quick whitout food and water. So they will spread deasises and atract termites and bugs! Oh woow i need to calm down. Well any way Greebn lake Is harshly Punished, That its almost like a plauge! Ok Next and final one is...: Kate Barlow:She was not just punished physicaly, but mentaly as well! Kate Experienced the sight of her love die right infront of her. And who killed love, ( Sam the owner of Mary Lou the dokey) Well it was Trout Walker and he even shot the help less donkey Mary Lou. Now kate is in confusoin and despair, so she killed trout. After that kate was called “Kissin Kate” because she kissed a African-American man (Sam) She just cant get the death of
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