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Evaporation-only molecules from the surface become gas. Boling-anything becomes gas. Physical properties characteristic that describes it ex. color& smell no new substances made .water freezing ice to easy undo. Chemical property a characteristic of matter that describes its ability to involve chemical reactions. New substance made reacts, decomposes, produces, neutralize newspaper changing color no reversibility always involve physical changes. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Physical vocab. Thermal conductivity metal pots, Ductility metal, state solid liquid gas, malleability play dough, solubility sugar in water, density crowdedness –the amount of matter given in a given space or volume si unit of volume .Elements Mixtures and compounds. Elements-A pure substance containing one type of atom. An element is always uniform all the way through (homogenous). An element cannot be separated into simpler materials. Over 100 elements The atoms are chemically combined in some way. Often times not always the com together to form groups of atoms called molecules. Always homogenous cannot be separated by physical means usually differennt than the properties of the element that is contains. Mixtures Two or more compounds or elements NOT chemically combined no reaction between substances. Mixtures can be (homogenous) and aka solutions. Mixtures can also be (heterogeneous) Can be separated by physical or chemical means. Example of a mixture chocolate syrup added o milk and stirred homogenous mixture (solutions) or sand added to water heterogeneous. An example of a Pure substance would be copper metal (used to make wires) heterogenouso Distilled water compound. Homogeneous examples Chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. Heterogeneous mixed nuts, cherry chip ice

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