Holden Unreliable Narrator

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Unreliable Holden, Unreliable Narrator As one reads the novel “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger they get to know the narrator only known as Holden Caulfield. Now at first Holden seems like any other troubled teenager but as the story progresses one may … well question if Holden is actually telling the truth as he narrates the story. One of the few flaws of this story is that it is written from a first person POV. This limits the understanding of the novel. We are left with no choice to believe what Holden says is true. Holden often gives a cynical description of the world around him and labels many with the exception of a few a “phony.” After reading the novel one can see that Holden struggles to cross the barrier into the adult world. He is scared of his destiny and struggles in finding happiness, peace, or just simply an antidote to ease his pain. This causes Holden to repress the truth from the readers. Which ultimately may lead one to believe Holden is an unreliable narrator. Let’s face it Holden is unreliable narrator. However despite the fact he is an unreliable narrator it doesn’t necessarily make him a bad one. He gives the reader such a vivid, powerful, and descriptive narration, it’s very enticing to simply believe his POV rather than analyzing the flaws within it. Holden may know how to tell a good story, but as reader one can see the many flaws Holden carries in his personality. Holden is very cynical, for example it states “What he was doing was, he was sitting on the floor right next to the couch, in the dark and all, and he was sort of petting me or patting me on the goddam head Salinger"(192). Mr. Antolini agreed to give Holden and place to stay and feed him an appetizing meal. Now Holden believed Mr. Antolini tried to make a homosexual advance towards him and stormed out of his house despite Mr.Antolini’s extreme generosity. Another example is
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