Holden Caulfield Reflection

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As children’s bodies physically grow during life, so do their minds. Different issues arise and new ideas surface which children and young adults, many times, have a tough time understanding. Children often develop a friend or a hero in order to assist them through many of life’s perils. These “imaginary friends” are individuals that children can relate to, find strength in, and turn to without feeling judged. Though as children age their imaginary friends become things of their past, many young adults continue to find supportive and mentoring characters in novels, on television programs, and on professional sport teams; the possibilities are endless. Holden Caulfield is his name, and he is the main character in J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. My 9th grade English teacher assigned this novel on the summer reading list for incoming freshmen. I had already heard rumors that this was a great work of literature, but I would have never imagined the impact that this book would have on me. As soon as I started reading, the novel grabbed my attention because I realized the importance of truth as a result of Holden’s high regard for honesty. In the novel, the main character views most of the adults surrounding him as phonies,…show more content…
I changed from acting phony and superficial, to being honest and truthful. I now stand for what I know is right and for what I believe in, regardless of superficial outside pressures to conform. I do not go around changing my ideas simply to fit in with others. No longer do I change my personality to be in line with the popular students at school. The friends and family members that are important parts of my life recognize my true self and accept me for my strengths and weaknesses. I am unique, and Holden Caulfied helped me realize that I should always be honest and true to my

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