Holden and Bigger Essay

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Alejandra Bazan Mrs.Manheim Honors Lit LA 1 August 2015 Life in Peru Many people use money as a gauge to measure success and happiness. That does not necessarily bring you genuine happiness automatically! On my amazing journey to Peru, I had the experience to help these people who were poverty-stricken, yet, the amount of peacefulness and tranquility they had on their overjoyed faces was inconceivable. I was witness to where one can oppose in just saying the country is magnificent, but what made the country even more beautiful was the genuine humanity of the people. On this extravagant summer, my family and I had the once in the lifetime experience to help the people in Peru who had very little material possessions, yet I observed profound happiness and peace within them. On the plane ride there, when I looked out of the window, all I saw were the dazzling lights of the city and miniature-sized huts on an enormous sand mountain called “El Cerro”. The people who lived there were extremely poor, but because the city was overpopulated and there was not any other place for them to go, they took the first piece of land they saw and started to construct and city of huts. These huts were built out of cardboard boxes, weaved plants, and metallic boards for the roof. It absolutely broke my heart because I could never imagine people could actually live like this. What flabbergasted me was that even though these deprived people had absolutely nothing, they were the most humble, kindest, and charismatic human beings. While walking on this dusty, polluted trail, I met this lady who changed my views completely, Marisa. Sitting on the side of this deserted road was this old woman named Marisa. Marisa looked around 55 years old because of the way her hands were filled with wrinkles and her feet were all cracked and dirty, but her eyes told me different. Her bright

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