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Lamar Booker Hobbit 1. The difference and similarities among leadership, leader, and leading are that leadership is a function, which can be fulfilled by a person but also shared by a group. In the movie, The Hobbit, Thorin showed examples of leadership. Thorin exerted his leadership by fighting the pale orc that beheaded his father in battle. As the dwarf army retreated after seeing the king die, Thorin stayed and fought cutting off the hand of the orc. This showed leadership by stepping up in the time of battle with no king. In the article it stated that Leaders have to deal with searching for new fitting identities. We do not expect leadership from only leaders. Followers can also show leadership. In the movie the dwarfs helped Thorin make certain decisions that would benefit the group. Bilbo, the hobbit, showed leadership in their adventure by stalling the trolls from eating the horses. He also 2. The visionary leaders in the film are the group in whole. The group combined their intelligence to strengthen them as a whole. Bilbo was a visionary leader because of his mental origin. Bilbo grew from being sheltered and quiet to a strong and courageous fighter. And by grow he evolved slowly in to a leader that he never believed he could be. The steps he went through are known as strategic process. Another visionary leader is Gandalf. Gandalf organized the group in order for the dwarves to reclaim their gold. He lent his wizard spells and guidance to keep everyone safe 3. Gandalf shows a leadership role at the beginning of the movie and influences Bilbo's actions. He prepares Bilbo and the dwarves for their journey and guides them for part of the way. Gandalf encourages respect and patience from the group so they will get along and learn loyalty and compassion. The type of leadership shows is transformational. Gandalf exhibits optimism and excitement about

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