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(Describe a character) Task 6 In The Hobbit, Smaug is a dragon who plays a big part in this story. He is a selfish dragon who stole precious riches from the dwarves, and the dwarves feel the need to take back their treasure, and get revenge. Smaug would be very stubborn in this case because if the dwarves are coming to get revenge, then Smaug should just give up the treasure he stole, because there is a chance that he could get killed or slayed because he does not realize how smart they are. He is so greedy and puffed up about himself that he does not even realize this. He just thinks that just because he is bigger and stronger than them, then there is absolutely no chance of him losing. He cannot see past the end of his nose, so to speak. Also, out of the four types of characterizations, I would choose static and round to describe Smaug. Static, meaning that he is a character in this story that does not change. By this, I mean that he remains greedy, mean, stubborn and selfish throughout the whole story. His attitude never changes. Then, by round, I mean that he is a very well described character. You pretty much get the picture. He is large, he’s obviously a dragon, he’s stubborn, selfish, mean, greedy, and is not willing to give up the treasure he stole. He also is very shallow minded. So, I would say if just a few words that Smaug is selfish, greedy, and stubborn, and not under any circumstances is he going to give up the treasure and he can be characterized by the words static and

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