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Bilbo has been the character that started from being the smallest and weakest of the the company . At the beginning of The Hobbit , Tolkien portraits Bilbo as a normal hobbit , comfortable and complacent .. As he evolves through the story, he becomes a much mature person which will eventually become audacious , capable of fighting for himself and respected . Bilbo starts to change when he sees that throughout the journey , the dwarves start to depend more on him and need him more than anything else . As Bilbo comes back home he feels stronger and is recognized by the whole company . The exploration he took allowed him to become more terrestrial and changed from his people . As the quest progresses shows a vast reserve a courage and force which becomes the dominant force holding the group of dwarves . The first stage of Bilbo’s change could be analyzed at first when Gandalf asked Bilbo to go on a journey . We could see that Bilbo is a repulsive person that is not a “people” person . As Bilbo meets the company , they start feeling that Bilbo may not be the right person they need . Bilbo is first not interested by the adventure . But then he changes his mind at the last minute which means that his changing has started at that point . There had been various combats and events that led Bilbo to become the character that he is now . The first moment he proved his intrepidness was when he shoved his hand in one of the troll’s pocket . He had fought his fear and demonstrated to everyone that he had a role in this quest . Bilbo’s heroic accomplishments are the most stupendous because he discovered new things about him just as he acquired the ring . The ring was a major factor that made Bilbo become invisible , which indeed helped in battle to defeat his enemies . The ring

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