Ho Ching Has Been Named as One of the Most Powerful Leaders in Asia. What Are Her Major Sources of Power? Essay

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Decision Support through Knowledge Management: An Empirical Examination of Two Strategies Meliha Handzic School of Information Systems, Technology and Management The University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia Email: m.handzic@unsw.edu.au Abstract This paper reports the results of an empirical examination of the effectiveness of two knowledge management strategies (codification and personalisation) in improving decision making performance in a simulated forecasting task. Codification was manipulated with and without a procedural knowledge map, and personalisation in terms of an interactive and non-interactive decision environment. Results indicate that only codification had a significant effect on performance. Subjects with a procedural knowledge map demonstrated less frequent use of decision heuristics, and generated more accurate forecasts compared to those without such a map. Subjects from an interactive decision environment performed similarly to those working on their own. Keywords Decision Support, Knowledge Management, Codification, Personalisation 1. INTRODUCTION The growing interest in knowledge management has been fuelled by three major development trends: globalisation with the increasing intensity of competition; digitalisation enabled by advances in information and communication technology; and the rise of knowledge based organisations together with changing organisational structures, new worker profiles, preferences and predispositions. As organisations move towards becoming knowledge-based, their business success will increasingly depend on how successful knowledge workers are at developing and applying knowledge productively and efficiently. Knowledge management (KM) is seen as a key factor in realising and sustaining organisational success from improved efficiency and innovation. The basic assumption of KM is that organisations that manage

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