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HO CHI MINH by: LiliElaine Davis AKA 'Uncle Ho'. Birth name Nguyen Sinh Cung. Ho Chi Minh translates to 'He Who Enlightens'. Cause: Liberation of Vietnam from French colonial rule and unification of North and South Vietnam. Background: The French begin to take control of Vietnam in the 1860s. The entire country is made a French protectorate in 1883. Under French colonial rule Vietnamese are prohibited from travelling outside their districts without identity papers. Freedom of expression and organisation are restricted. As land is progressively alienated by large landholders, the number of landless peasants grows. Neglect of the education system causes the literacy rate to fall. Vietnamese anticolonial movements being to coalesce early in the 20th Century but are actively suppressed by the French. More background. Mini biography: Born 19 May 1890 in the village of Kim Lien in Annam, in central Vietnam. His father is a public servant attached to the imperial court. Ho is the youngest of three children. He receives his basic education from his father and the local village school. Ho attends the prestigious National Academy school in Hue but leaves before graduation. He works for a short time as a teacher in a South Annam fishing town before travelling to Saigon, where he trains as a kitchen hand and pastry cook's assistant and takes a course in navigation. 1911 - He finds work as a kitchen hand on a French steamer travelling from Saigon to Marseilles. 1914 - Following the outbreak of the First World War in August Ho moves to London. He will spend about two years in the British capital, working as a kitchen hand at the Carlton Hotel and joining the Overseas Workers Association. During this period Ho also travels to and lives in the United States. 1919 - Ho returns to France, taking the name Nguyen Ai Quoc (Nguyen the Patriot). He stays in Paris until

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