Hnc Construction Assignment 2

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HNC Science & Materials Assignment 2 Task 1 Dead Loads are the forces which act on the foundations from the building materials only. An example of a dead load is Medium density brickwork, this weighs 221kg/m2 so in Newton’s would weigh 2210N/m2, this shows that 2.210kN acts upon a m2 of medium density brickwork. Imposed loads are the force which acts upon the foundation. Imposed/live include all the movable objects in a building such as people, furniture, machines and other non structural elements but these loads can vary depending upon the usage of the building, for example in an office block for a big company there will be around 200 people working there during the day and next to none at night so this will be taken into account. The floor strength will have to be taken into consideration depending upon the usage of the building, based on BS 6399: Part 1 it states that in domestic houses the design strength for the flooring should be 1.5kN/m2 Snow loads are the force of the snow when resting on a roof. The type and pitch of the roof is important, some roofs will hold a greater amount of snow therefore resulting in greater loads acting upon the roof. BS state that 1.5kN/m2 extra weighting for a building with a ≤30⁰ roof pitch and 0.75kN/m2 extra weighting for a building with a >300 rood pitch. B) Bending moments occur in a building where a point load on a beam causes it to either sag or hog. To resist sagging or hogging from occurring in a concrete beam the weakest points of the beam will be reinforced with steel. In this drawing you can see that hogging is occurring in the beam In this drawing you can see that the load acting upon the bean is causing it to sag Load The beam would be reinforced with steel bars to prevent these deflections from occurring. The reinforcement would occur in the beams weakest points and this would usually be the

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