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|Name: |Date: | Graded Assignment Windows Scavenger Hunt (10 points) Welcome to the Windows Scavenger Hunt. In this assignment, you will spend some time on a Windows system to find various items and pieces of information. 1. Enter the name of three different folders that are in your My Documents folder. (2 points) A. Computer Literacy B. Math C. Science 2. Name two different ways you can bring up the My Computer folder. (2 points) A. You can access it from your Desktop B. You can click on the start menu and access it there 3. Find four different commands in Internet Explorer and identify their keyboard shortcuts. (2 points) A. You can press F1 to access the help page B. You can press F11 to Toggle between full-screen and other views C. You can press ALT+HOME to go to your home page D. You can press ALT+RIGHT ARROW to go to the next page 4. Right-click on a spot of your desktop that is not covered by an icon, window, or menu. When the menu comes up, play with the options under the “Sort By” menu. Which setting do you like best and why? (2 points) I like the “Sort by (item type)” option best because it looks neater. 5. Click on the Start menu and then click on All Programs. How many different programs are listed? (2 points) 42 programs are listed |Your Score |___ of 10 | Save this document as Scavenger_Hunt_Your_Name and submit it to your

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