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HMV | Marketing Plan | HMV | Marketing Plan | Contents page 1.Refer to the Situation Analysis 2. Internal Marketing Audit * Operating Results * Strategic Issues Analysis * Marketing Mix Effectiveness * Marketing Structures and Systems 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Marketing Objectives * Strategic Trust * Strategic opportunities 5. Core Strategy 6. Marketing Mix Decisions 7. Organisation and Implementation 7.Control 8. References 1. Refer to situation anaylsis 2. Internal Marketing Audit Operating Results Total group sales have reduced by £225.9m to £923.2m, plus a 12.1 decline in sales. “An adverse movement in the Hong Kong dollar, offset by favourable movements in the Euro and Singapore dollar, impacted sales by £0.4m and operating profit by £nil.”(HMVgroup, 2012). Sales lessened from £1,102.2m to £873.1m and the costs afore tax and special items were £16.2m, which is down from a profit of £16.2m in the previous period. Furthermore, significant charges of withdrawn operation of £33.5m were sustained in the year. “These include an impairment charge of £37.1m arising on the reclassification of HMV Live as a disposal group, £1.6m on the reclassification of the aNobii joint venture as held for sale (2011: £111.5m Waterstone’s and HMV Canada) and a net profit of £5.5m on the disposal of Waterstone’s and HMV Canada.” ( HMVgroup, 2012) HMV group total sales decreased by 20.8% at legal exchange rates, plus a similar sales deterioration of 12.1%, as threatening trading situations have shown the difficult UK customer environment and the continual structural failure in core markets. “All three core UK entertainment markets declined in value over the period, with physical Music down 19%, Visual down 13% and Games down 17%.”(HMVgroup, 2012). Inside all these markets, HMV’S shares fell compared to the last year, as a result

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