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Paintings by Cy Thao These paintings that I have had the privilege of looking at show a history of Hmong people. We see how the Hmong are a very peaceful group of people that just want to live their lives in peace. From the very beginning of the paintings we see how wars force the Hmong to migrate. “Five thousand years ago the Hmong people lived in the basin of the Yellow River where the present day Beijing is. The Han Chinese also had a kingdom nearby. In their expansion the Han Chinese took over Hmong lands. In defense the Hmong waged war. As the first Hmong King, Chi You led the Hmong against the advancing Chinese. The Hmong lost the war. Many fled the area. This started the Hmong migration that eventually ended up in America”.…show more content…
As they continue to migrate they move south were they built another kingdom. But the expansion of the Chinese soon caught up to them once again. Many of the Hmong migrated in search of a peaceful place to live with no wars. But the Chinese had other plans for the Hmong. The Chinese after defeating Hmong divided them into groups with different colors so that they would not unite and rebel. From the very beginning of these paintings we see how war has not been the Hmong’s virtue. They have been oppressed and forced to work, pushed away from their lands the Hmong. But the Hmong never gave up and they fought back using the mountains as their allies they fought the Chinese and forced them into closed courters where they had the advantage. The Hmong have suffered a lot since the beginning of time itself. They had no place to go but the mountaintops. The mountains of Laos where the Hmong lived were controlled by the French during…show more content…
After many struggles they finally reached America. “AMERICA! The land of opportunities and freedom.” (Painting #38). This is very common for immigrants as they come to the Promised Land. To start a new life and chase that elusive American dream. But nothing is what it seems, it was nearly impossible for new refugees to find jobs. “Finding jobs for unskilled refugees with no English was impossible.” (Painting #39). This is common in all the works we have read over this semester. The struggle to fit in and the hardships of not being able to work. But with every culture someway somehow they find away to move on with their lives. For the Hmong it was… “The Boy Scouts of America was a natural fit for the Hmong boys.” (Painting

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