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Elizabeth Perez HSM/220 Sharon Powell November 9, 2013 Designing a Rewards System Making a rewards system in the human services organization is the best way to get staff to work harder and meet their goals. A system like this can enhance the confidence and give the staff something to look forward too. Staff will work Harder to get the rewards that is being offered to them. When a manager sets up a rewards system there are things to be considered. The things that need to be considered are the nine major factors of motivation. These are: respect for me as a person, good pay, chance to turn out quality work, chance for promotion, opportunity to do interesting work, feeling my job is important, being told by the boss that you did a good job, opportunity for self-development and improvement, and a large amount of freedom on the job. (Cited straight from the readings) These things need to be implemented into the rewards system. In any job you always have to give the people you’re working for and with respect. In order to get respect you have to give respect! Giving your staff respect makes them understand that they are just as essential as anyone else in the work place (even higher management). This will make them work harder to receive whatever rewards that are being presented. A good salary or the option to a pay raise is another efficient way to get staff to work harder to maintain their goals. Be sure to have an established date of pay raises. Pay raises should be based on performance and growth from the start of their work cycle. Do not set up the staff for failure. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Do not give them a goal that is impossible to accomplish. Do not give them an expected time for long projects that cannot be done. Timing on certain projects can be critical to the client and in turn go really wrong, leaving your worker and yourself

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