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HLTWHS300A Contribute to OH&S Process Question 1 What is the overall aim of the New South Wales Work Health and Safety Act 2012? It specially aims to protect people at workplaces from risk to their health or safety and to promote safe and healthy work environments. Question 2 List the PCBU/ Worker responsibilities for maintaining a safe work environment. a) What is the responsibility of the PCBU? To ensure the health and safety of workers, customers and visitors by eliminating or minimising risks at the workplace b) What is the responsibility of the worker? A worker must take the reasonable care for their own safety and ensure that they do not adversely affect the health and safety of others. A worker must comply with any reasonable instruction and cooperate with the PCBU’s WHS policy procedures. Question 3 Identify three (3) emergency procedures within your current environment requiring action. * Fire -on hearing the fire alarm, all staff proceed as follows: * Stop what they are doing. Check immediate area for visible/sensory signs of fire eg smoke, flame or flashing light on the ceiling. * If fire is discovered, remember to follow the R.A.C.E. format (REMOVE, ALERT, CONFINE, EXTINGUISH) * If area is safe, proceed to fire panel at the main entrance. Observe for flashing red lights on detectors, smoke, flame or smell on route to panel * Staff to wait at the fire panel to for further instructions from emergency officer. * Call 000 for fire brigade and await for fire brigade and give information on the nature of the emergency. * Wires and cords lying around in the bedrooms * Fill in the form in maintenance book as well as fill out the Work, Health and Safety form. * Report the full details on the managers report so that the problem could be identified and resolved as soon as possible. *
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