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People Should Be Arrested For Cyberbullying My article is about two girls that got arrested after they cyberbullied Rebeca Sedwick. One girl was 12 years old and the other girl was 14 years old. Rebeca committed suicide because she was being cyberbullied by the two girl constantly. Rebeca was a twelve year old girl that lived in Bartow Florida. The police arrested the two girls because they were afraid that they would continue cyberbullying other girls. The 14 year old girl posted online one week later that she bullied Rebeca and didn’t care that she committed suicide. Rebeca died on September 9th 2013. In my opinion people should be arrested for cyberbullying. When you cyberbully someone really badly, you are punished for it by getting suspended or expelled. But teachers and police would be worried that you would continue cyberbullying other people after you are punished. By getting arrested, you will most likely realize your mistake and even if you still continue to cyberbully someone after you are released, the police will still find out somehow, and you will be punished even more and there is a chance of you going back to jail. Nobody would want to spend their lives in jail, but cyberbullying is becoming a tragic nightmare to a lot of people. If nobody is willing to stop it, we have no choice but to arrest those bullies and punish them. This is why people should be arrested for cyberbullying. Bullying someone is a serious matter, people bully other people just so they can be cool and be satisfied. It is just like murdering someone, accept you are killing and hurting the person’s feelings and emotions by saying horrible and mean words to them. Most bullies don’t even regret bullying people after their punishment. If a bully is arrested, they spend their time locked up, and there isn’t anything to do. If you bully someone and you get arrested,

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