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o [Laughs] Now, come, sit down! We have more pressing matters to discuss! Champagne? o Now… as you know, we are here to discuss and explore the theme of power within Shakespeare’s Othello. o Well, I personally support Fintan O’Toole’s interpretation of Othello, as he suggests that Othello is not ‘the sharpest tool in the shed’ and has gone further in labeling Othello as “stupid” [hand gestures & facial expression]. Mentioning his choice of diction and his general lack of common sense as evidence. o Mhmm, Othello should be wearing quite featureless and dull clothing. This coerces the audience into realizing Othello’s powerlessness but also his significant character traits, which essentially determines the outcome of the play itself. o Iago should wear elaborate clothing to suggest that he is a highly educated and intelligent man. Moreover, his clothing should progressively get darker and darker throughout the play. This slight alteration symbolizes how his plans exponentially develop into absolute destruction. His intrinsic love of masterful manipulation is nurtured by the opportunities that arise in his favor. This visual representation of Iago gives a certain depth to his character and also highlights to the audience, Iago’s increasing power over Othello, whether it is tangible or intangible. o Yes, however, Harold Bloom states “unlike Macbeth, Iago does not progressively lose control of his own imagination.” In other words, he doesn’t succumb to paranoia or guilt in the slightest, which makes him completely triumphant and powerful according to Auden’s and Bloom’s interpretations. For decades there has been much debate, whether or not; he is simply a ‘motiveless malignancy’ as English poet Samuel Coleridge would describe him. o It’s like you read my mind! Do you have any other appropriations that would best bring out power? o Good idea! Now, turning our

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