Hjalmar Schacht and the Trail

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A Plan of Investigation To what extent was Hjalmar Schacht rightly trialed innocent in the Nuremberg Trial? Method In this investigation the Nuremberg Trial of Hjalmar Schacht will be assessed by examining the charges made by both the prosecution and defense. In the summary of evidence, the prosecution’s supporting agreement will either be confirmed or contradicted by insight from historical text, letters, speeches and other documentation followed by a assertions made by the defense to determine whether or not Dr. Schacht was guilty of charges. Scope The prosecution’s claims define Dr. Schacht, former Plenipotentiary General of War Economy, guilty of crimes against peace and a conspirator of the Nazi Plan. Charges supported by his violation of the treaty of Versailles, Kellogg Briand Pact and willful financing rearmament of the Nazi regime. In contrast, the defense finds Dr. Schacht an innocent man whose actions reflect those only of a Germany Banker focused on repairing the economy. Word count: 157 B Summary of Evidence Prosecution’s case According the prosecution of Dr. Hjalmar Schacht was guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against peace. Claiming that Schacht had planned and prepared for wars of aggression and wars in violation of international treaties, agreements and assurances, and that “he knowingly and willfully participated in the Nazi common plan or conspiracy to plan, prepare, initiate, and wage such wars”.(Avalon) During 1932, Schacht clearly supported Hitler’s rise to power. Voelkischer Beobachter, Hitler's official organ stated in 1933, "In this critical period, Schacht never failed to point at Adolf Hitler as the only possible leader of the Reich." (QTD,Avalon) Schacht was appointed acting Minister of Economics by Hitler in August 1934, and a year later was secretly named General Plenipotentiary for the War Economy.( Romar

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