Hiv and Aids Essay

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Course Name: PDN(HIV/AIDS) TITLE: 1. How will you determine the extent to shich your organization has been adversely affected by HIV Pandemic 2. Describe the strategy that you will recommend to your organization to ensure that there will be enough staff to run the organization over the next five years 3. The HIV epidemic will clearly erode the available skills and competencies in the organization 4. How would one know what the level of awareness is about the HIV epidemic in your organization 5. How would one ensure that managers and supervisors are up to date with the management of the HIV epidemic? TABLE OF CONTENT PART 1 1. INTRODUCTION 2. HIV/AIDS age breakdown – South Africa (1998-2000) 3. Division of two organizations (education and mining sector) 4.1. Education sector 4.2. Mining sector 4.3. Gender breakdown 4.4. Provincial break down 4. Life expectancy 5.5. The potential impact on the demographic profile of the work in education 5.6. How HIV/AIDS affect the work in education 5.7. How HIV/AIDS influence my school as an organization 5.8. Should my school or my organization start to replace labour with technology: 5.9. To whom the department of education supply learners 5.10. What impact will HIV/AIDS have on educational labour bill 5.11. My organization start to employ people from abroad 5. Stigmatization 6. AIDS impact model (Aim) 7.12. Definition 7.13. Recruitments costs 7.14. Training costs 7.15. Health care 7.16. Formulating a sound HIV/AIDS policy 7.17. Establishing HIV/AIDS prevention support 7.18. Condom distribution 7.19. Provision sexual transmitted disease and other care 7.20. Counseling care and support for employees with HIV/AIDS 7.21. Education programme 7.22. Monitoring and

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