Hiv/ Aids Epidemic Essay

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HIV/AIDS Epidemic Alicia Goodman May 15, 2014 University of Phoenix HCS/490 Healthcare Consumer Trends and Marketing Dr. Robert Miner Target Population HIV/AIDS prevalence is one of the commonly widespread issues on health care worldwide. It appears to be the true due to changing population demographics of patients over the past few years. This would be due to the ignorance and use of antiretroviral drugs that help people to live longer with the virus. These changing demographics have some impacts on the health care process in the nations. According to Professor of Bioethics and medical humanities in Berkeley University, Mr. Jeffrey Burack, the proportion of African-American and Latino people newly diagnosed with the HIV Virus has increased over the past ten to fifteen years. The percentage of women diagnosed with the HIV virus has also risen over the past ten to fifteen years. Data about the population demographics Initially most of the HIV/AIDS patients were considered to be the homosexuals who were mostly white gay males. In the present day, heterosexuals appear to be the greatest number of the HIV Patients. Also, the black communicates only represents approximately 13% of the total population, but 47% of the people diagnosed with the virus. In the past, about 10% of the diagnosed patients but presently they have increased to 30% of the patients diagnosed with HIV. Since the above epidemic was discovered, several factors have been involved in the increase, in the diagnosed people. The epidemic can affect anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and all other qualities. After it was established that the HIV Virus mostly affected the gay

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