Hiv/Aids Abstract Essay

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Demetrius Crouch Honors English 3 Mrs. Beveridge April 14, 2013 HIV/AIDS: Abstract HIV/AIDS is a disease that anyone that is practicing unsafe sex or sharing needles can contract. From children, to teenagers, to adults, it is important to take the proper precautionary measures to protect yourself from it. This is a disease that currently has no known cure, but there are very good treatments that will slow down the growth of the virus so that you will live longer. This disease used to have a very negative reputation, but over time people have come to be more compassionate about the situation. Programs have been created to try and stop the spread of this disease and many other diseases around the world. HIV/AIDS may cause a negative uproar in any room and some people may look at you differently if you have this disease. This is why people are skeptical about informing others of their illness. Driscoll and Carson-Dewitt wrote that people don’t even want to go get tested because they think that if someone would find out about their condition, they will alienate them. The authors also say that people do not want to feel pressured or forced to get tested because people do not want to feel as if it is a requirement; but it is. It is important to practice safe sex and not share needles if you are doing intravenous drugs. The authors also stated as follows: “Currently, in 25% of the AIDS cases in the United States, infected individuals are unaware they are HIV positive” (Driscoll). There used to be a code-based testing to make people feel more comfortable as far as confidentiality is concerned, but since the president changed the law, everyone has to be identified by name. Dirty needles are one way that you can contract this malignant disease. Programs are in place to insure that people who use syringes can come to the Needle Exchange Program (NEP) and trade in
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