Hiv Aids Essay

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Hannah Lewis HIV presentation 1300 HIV/ AIDS is a very serious and life threatening disease. It effects your body tremendously by destroying your immune system and making it impossible for your body to fight off any kind of infection. HIV is human immune deficiency that destroys your CD4 cells which is a specific type of white blood cell that plays a large role in helping your body fight off infection. AIDS is acquired immune deficiency syndrome which is where your CD4 cells begin to keep dieing off and eventually you will have less than 200 and get different kinds of infections such as tb and what not which then that is when HIV becomes AIDS. There is two different kinds of HIV. HIV 1 was found is 1984 and it is the most common type and HIV 2 was discovered in 1986 and found in west Africa. HIV 1 is transmitted through our blood stream in various ways. Open cuts, breaks in skin, mucous membranes and directs contact infection. HIV 2 is transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk and even donor eggs and semen. The amount of HIV in our body fluids varies form small to very large amounts starting with blood it has a concentration of 18000 semen 11000 vaginal fluids 7000 amniotic fluids 4000 and saliva 1 and this is based on particles per ml. It only takes tree months for 90% of people to test positive for HIV and up to six months for the other 10 %. It is very important to get tested and diagnosed because discovering you are infected and diagnosed early will allow for early treatment and stabilization of the disease. Also if you are pregnant it will give your baby the higher chance of not getting infected by you. The earlier the disease is detected the less you are effected by the disease however after you have the disease you will always have it and you can treat it but there is no known cure for HV or AIDS. If not treated early

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