Hiv/Aids Essay

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome) were very popular during the time when the NBA star Magic Johnson was diagnosed, since then, the awareness has dissolved, unlike the disease which is staying relatively stagnate in certain regions. The disease is more relevant in parts of the country that are lesser-developed but it does not mean it is not present in the well developed parts of the country. “HIV/AIDS can be transmitted from one already infected to the next by: blood to blood contact, semen, breast milk, oral sex, and even passed from mother to child through birth” ( The disease is to strong for the immune system to kill and over time the disease eats away at your immune system. This disease is not yet curable and affecting people every day. An innocent experience can eventually turn into a life threatening disease. Political Economy “It was clear from the outset that HIV did not come to Haiti from Africa. None of the first Haitians diagnosed with the new syndrome had ever been to Africa; most had never met an African. But many did have histories of sexual contact with North Americans. In a 1984 paper published in a scholarly journal, the Haitian physician Jean Gurin and colleagues revealed that 17% of their patients reported a history of sexual contact with tourists from North America. These exchanges involved the exchange of money, too, and so sexual tourism which inevitably takes place across steep grades of economic inequality was a critical first step in the introduction of HIV to Haiti” (Paul Farmer). “The disease HIV/AIDS is very present today in Haiti due to poverty, mass poverty, the lack of almost every necessity—clean water and shoes, medicine and food” (Kidder. Pt.3 Ch.13). Not all of Haiti is experiencing poverty and the full effect of this disease. The division of the wealthy vs. the poor was

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