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Shawn Maxwell Professor Lisa Naze, MWCC BIO 115 08 December,2012 Assignment Final Paper Hiv/Aids Outline 1.) Introduction- Definition & Description 2.) Risk Factors 3.) Causes & Symptoms 4.) Acute Retroviral Syndrome 5.) Late Stage Disease (Aids) 6.) Diagnosis 7.) Treatment 8.) Prognosis 9.) Prevention Aids is a acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Which is a very infectious disease brought on by a human immunodeficiency virus called HIV. There are 2 branches of this virus that cause AIDs, which are HIV1 & HIV 2. Aids in the US first came into play in 1981 and it was found in homosexual men. Today we know it`s not just homosexual men that are affected by this disease but heterosexual men, women and children as well. Aids in known as the advanced infection w/ HIV virus. There is a latent period after initial exposure the recognizable symptoms show there ugly face. From 1981 up to 2009 there was no preventable vaccine for Hiv infection. With no vaccine in sight the focal point was on quality and length of life for the ones infected, by hindering the reduplication of Aids. There other focus was on trying to halt the onset of infection and cancers that often effected people with Aids. Since 1981 Aids has been the most devastating virus affecting public health worldwide. The CDC9 centers for disease control) has stated the sum of 944,00 people have been diagnosed with this devouring virus/disease, and approximately 1-1.2 million diagnosed as infected but just not showing symptoms yet. The CDC stated in 2009 that these numbers might just be a low estimate of people infected due to people living with unreported or undiagnosed with HIV. It is reported by the Joint United Nations Program on

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