Hitlers Rise To Power

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Hitler's Rise To Power “Great liars are also great magicians”. This was one of Hitler’s many famous quotes. This quote gives you a little insight into who Hitler was as a leader, and gives you insight to what his morals were and how far they could stretch. Hitler was one of the most significant men in history, partly because of what he did and partly because how many lives he effected. Even though he might have been one of the most destructive leaders in history. Hitler’s rise to power is important to understanding the holocaust because the hardships he went through made even more ruthless and powerful. Getting started Hitler’s childhood was not the easiest childhood. He had to go through many struggles that led him to become the leader he was. At a young age he lost his brother and his father, which dramatically changed his personality for the worse (Cort 3). When he moved to Vienna to become a painter it did not work out well for him. He got rejected from the Vienna academy of fine arts in Vienna twice, and had to live off of orphans pension (Cort 3). After his mother died in Dec. 1907 he only had one living relative which was his sister Paula. Although his childhood was ultimately hard it still led him to becoming part of the war effort. After WW1 Hitler focused all of his efforts on giving his country a way out of their struggle. Hitler wanted to reboot his country after WW1. He was very successful at this because he was a very good speaker which made him likable. He had a way of gaining peoples trust and respect that brought in many followers for his organization the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDA). Even though he was a good speaker and had many followers, there were always people that did not believe in him which made it hard for him. After the NSDA party started to work their way to the top in the public eyes, they wanted to move

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