Hitler's Role & the Jews Essay

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A War Against Themselves: Adolf Hitler, the Mind of a Mad Man Jodi L. Davidson History 4910 Dr. Browder July 16, 2012 4,582 In order for a person to understand the insanity behind Hitler, one must first look into the time and history of the era in which he came. A man filled with such hatred and contempt did not cultivate all of his ideals and beliefs alone, they were indoctrinated into him after centuries of scapegoating and prejudice towards people of Jewish descent. This hate for Jews dates as far back as the killing of Christ; once the Vatican marked the Jews as having committed Deicide, of killing God, they were branded for all time. They suffered an awful fate for centuries, even the growth and enhancements of science and technology proved to betray them with the discovery of natural selection. This discovery, combined with the growing concept of ethnic nationality proved to be detrimental to the Jewish people. This provided the foundation for Hitler’s belief system; in his mind, because the Jews had no nation of their own, they could have no ethnic nationality with one another and therefore resorted to parasitic endeavors to pollute and corrupt other nations to their own betterment, leading ultimately, to that nation’s inevitable end. Although his beliefs were strong from the start, he was reaffirmed on November 7th, 1938 when a Polish Jewish boy shot and killed a German diplomat in Paris. This launched the appeal for the annihilation of the Jewish people immensely in Germany, confirming the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and their plan to take over the world in the eyes of the German people. Hitler himself believed in this so firmly and so vehemently, especially after Kristallnacht, that it eventually caused him to lead Germany into a world war that in his eyes was caused by the Jews, and therefore gave him
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