Hitler's Rise To Power - Personal Appeal

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- Task Type | Research Essay | Due Date | Monday, Wk. 7 | Weighting | | Materials | | | | Name | Nick Argento | House | Anderson | task three research essay origins and rise of the Nazis task three research essay origins and rise of the Nazis The Rise of the Nazis To (Placeholder1)what extent was the rise to power of Hitler due to personal appeal and ability? Hitler seized, with apparent consummate skill, the imagination, and ultimately the reins of Germany. He was the source of the Nazis’ appeal, the focus of its imagery, and its ideological driver. However, despite clear use of his ability as an ideologue, Hitler’s rise to power and popularity is inversely proportional to the economic collapse, unemployment, instability and skepticism over the capacity of democracy to save Germany that did not bear his fingerprints. This clear instability of democratic Germany paved the way for an image of propaganda to be created, promoting the leftist, anti democratic and nationalistic views of the Nazi party that would perhaps solve the burdens placed upon Germany by democracy and ultimately, capture the imagination of millions. , The most important factor that allowed for Hitler’s rise to power was the evident instability of the Weimar republic. The political and economical fracturing of the Weimar republic was not influenced by the appeal of Hitler, instead it reassured understanding in Germany that there was a need to change. A clear economic issue was the inflation the Weimar economy witnessed. This can be seen through the fact that the price of an egg had inflated 30 million times its original price in 10 years. Alongside political and economical dismemberment, the French invasion of the Ruhr as a result of failed payments from the Germans was regarded as an insult and provoked humiliation across the government. This lack of control by
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