Hitler's Rise To Power Essay

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As a man, Hitler was extremely charismatic speaker. He had founded this unknown attribute early in the movie when he made his very first speech. Although charisma played a major role his rise of dictatorship, it was not the sole factor. The other contributing factors to his “success” were the circumstances of the German economy, the Nazi promoting and Jew discriminatory propaganda and the organizational strengths of the Nazis. Although the major contributing factors to his ability to use the Treaty of Versailles as a public relations tool; to capitalize upon the mentality that it was a guilt clause. In certainty, these factors all contributed to Hitler’s rise as a dictator in 1933. Hitler is considered to be one of the most charismatic leaders in world history. His speeches comprise of the genius mix of; perfect timing, persuasive wording, expression, posture, hand gestures but most importantly the content was incredibly influencing. He satisfied the people emotions, he would tell them that Germany would be whole again without even having to explain how he will accomplish this. Hitler had used the Treaty of Versailles “card, to renew a sense of pride in the people whom after the war had felt humiliated and ashamed. He knew exactly what the people were feeling, knew how to use that in his favour. He did not “beat around the bush”, he got right to what he needed to talk about; this created immediate excitement within the crowds. His speeches were never spineless, although to use the people’s emotions he knew exactly when he should be calm but then hike into a furious rage. Hitler’s charisma was crucial to the success of the Nazi’s and his rise to power. The mass rallies and speeches his led definitely contributed to his electoral success, as he persuaded thousands to vote for him. Hitler used charisma to persuade Franz Von Papen to work for him. I believe that

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