Hitler's Rise to Power Essay

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Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power Adolf Hitler, a man whose name will be remembered forever as one of the most evil political dictators who ever lived. Hitler killed a total of six million people just because they were Jewish, and many millions more just because they were not German. He seized power of Germany through manipulation and force. Hitler's rise to power was mainly due to the Great Depression following world war one in 1929, the death of President Paul von Hindenburg of Germany, and the Reichstag fire on February 27,1933. One of the main factors in Hitler’s rise to power was the Great Depression of 1929. After the Wall Street crash, the U.S. called in its loans to Germany which increased both poverty and unemployment levels. The Weimar government did not know how to reverse the situation so the general public became angry and lost confidence in the democratic system. Hitler, as a very impressive public speaker, won over much of the German public, offering himself as a strong leader. He promised jobs to the percent of the public that was unemployed and gave them someone to blame their problems on. The Depression also drew attention to the weaknesses of the Weimar Constitution. As poverty and unemployment increased, respect for the democratic system greatly decreased. The Germans started to believe that Hitler was the answer to the Great Depression. He was against the Treaty of Versallies along with most of the public, which also gained him supporters. He stirred up the German people by reminding them of parts of the treaty they would not like and promised that if he was elected he would refuse to abide by many terms in the treaty. Another factor in Hitler's rise to power was the death of the German President, Paul von Hindenburg, although Hindenburg's actions before he passed were the determining factor in how his death affected Hitler. Area industrialists

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