Hitler's Rise to Power Essay

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History Summative Essay Ever since the failed Munich putsch in 1923 and his imprisonment, Adolf Hitler has always sought to gain power via legal means. Ultimately, Hitler was able to gain power and become chancellor of Germany before finally succeeding in becoming a dictator after the passing of the Enabling Act. Historians have always debated what allowed Hitler to rise to power so quickly and become chancellor, with one of the factors being that Hitler promised the Germans what they wanted. In my opinion, I feel that this factor is the most important one responsible for Hitler’s rise but there are also other factors such as Hitler’s personal qualities and the fear of communism. Firstly, Hitler rose to power because he promised the Germans what they wanted. The Nazis targeted specific groups of society with different slogans and policies so that everyone would be satisfied and pleased. These promises included solving all of Germany’s economic problems, building up the army to what it once had been in order to bring back the glory days of Germany as well as provide strong leadership to lead the country out of crisis and to ignore the unfair Treaty of Versailles (TOV). All of these promises made the people feel that Hitler understood their personal needs and was “one of them”. Furthermore, they were very relevant to the problems faced by the Germans. At that time, the effects of the Great Depression were at their peak and unemployment was rampant. The dire situation resulted in people losing trust in the ineffectual Weimar government and placing their faith in Hitler, who claimed to have solutions to their problems. Since the Great Depression affected everyone, from businessmen to workers, Hitler was quickly able to gain a lot of support. Additionally, one of the crucial promises made by Hitler was ignoring the Treaty of Versailles. There was

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