Hitler's Rise to Power Essay

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Hitler’s rise to power Key Individuals Adolf Hitler, Austrian-born German politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party gained victory as the Fuhrer (Combination of Chancellor and President) only 10 years after the Munich Putsch of 1923. Many factors contributed to his rise to power within this period. Factors include his charismatic personality, key individuals and groups, President Paul Von Hindenburg, Franz Von Papen, Kurt Von Schleicher, and Dr Joseph Goebbel. The role of these key individuals influenced the significant events assessing how Hitler was able to rise to power, Wall Street Crash, The Great Depression, Political Elections, Reichstag Fire, Implementation of the Enabling Act and the Death of Hindenburg. This lead to one of the most important historical events of time, Hitler’s rise to power by 1933. Control through terror The first method of keeping complete control was through the use of TERROR he gave the German police complete control so they could just arrest someone and throw them in jail for no reason at all. He also used the S.S. (shooting squad) these were Hitler’s personal army they stared of as Hitler’s bodyguards but he expanded them so that they could wipe out the brown shirts. They wiped them out in just one night and this night was called “night of the long knives,” people knew that if they foul-mouthed Hitler they would either end up dead or in a concentration camps (which was meant you were as good as dead) the first concentration camp that was first set up was called Dachaw is was set up in 19 34 Hitler sent all trade unionists, other party leaders and anyone who he didn’t like. All court judges were Nazis so they voted in favour of Hitler so if you were a Jew in court you had no chance of getting a fair trial because the Nazis hate all Jews. Control through media Hitler was very aware of the value of good

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