Hitler's rise to power Essay

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Why was Hitler appointed chancellor in 1933? Adolf Hitler was appointed as chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg on January 1933 . Hitler didn’t get power directly as Hindenburg refused to give him chancellorship when he first requested it yet his appointment was the end result of a variety of reasons that contributed to his attainment of this tile. In my opinion, the reasons that contributed to the rise of Hitler is mainly categorized in four different areas: Weakness of the Weimar Republic which arouse discontent among the German public, weakness of his opponents to deal with the existing problems within Germany, feud between Von. Papan and Von. Schleicher which made Hitler the biggest benefit of the rivalry and finally other factors such as Hitler’s ‘super-human’ qualities. The Weimar government was faced with a number of problems from the outset. First was the the remaining problem of the Treaty of Versailles. German people were told that they were winning the war until the last moment when the Treaty was signed. Without understanding the whole situation of the war, the German people felt as if they were being ‘stabbed in the back’ by the German politicians. The teams of the Treaty of Versailles were so harsh for the German people that they felt humiliated and the large amount of reparation made Germany’s economy fell into an abyss. Due to the failure of paying the reparations, the Ruhr Crisis occurred and the French troops occupied the center of the German coal, iron and steel production in the Ruhr area valley which lead to huge hyper-inflation and serious unemployment. Even though the condition had improved after the re-introduction of the Reichmark and the two reparation plans, the impact of the Great Depression was so big that many industries had to contract their business and sack workers and unemployment reached over six million by the end

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