Hitler's Rise to Power Essay

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Hitler’s Rise To Power When the name Adolph Hitler is mentioned, people tend to only think of his horrific actions once he was in power, never pausing to think of why he was put into that position. It was not the man who was elected per say, it was more dependent on the circumstances of the era, the depression, the treaty of Versailles, and the fact that his political opponents were weak. If there had never been a great depression, Adolph Hitler would never have come into power. In May of 1928, he had a mere 2.6 percent of Germany’s votes while four years later in 1932 after the onset of the great depression his following had raised 10 37.4 percent. A substantial increase to say the least. During the depression people were desperate and as the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures-the perfect time for an extremist party like the Nazis to get the attention of the public. It was once said “If the sun shines once more on the German economy Hitler’s voters will melt away like snow” ( ) In Germanys time of crisis, Adolph Hitler was there to promise the people he would fix everything, before he could do that he needed there to be something big to fix-the depression was like an answer to his prayers. The treaty of Versailles played a crucial role in Hitler’s rise to power. German citizens were devastating affected by it, many families were struggling to provide their own basic needs as a result of it, and on top of that, were kept in the dark about the exact details of the treaty. There was an overwhelming sense of “horrification, humiliation, bitterness, resentment, and betrayal.” (“The Treaty Of Versailles And Its Horrible Impact” maikeru.cc. maikeru.2009.web. 28 February 2012.) from the people of Germany. They were willing to vote for anyone who was against the treaty of Versailles. By this term, Hitler was the

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