HItler's COnflict Essay

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Tools, strategies, and methods the Europeans used to develop and control their imperialist empires in the period of 1870-1914 were that in the 1800s European nations had grown stronger while several older civilizations (ottoman middle east, Mughal, India, Qing china )were in decline. They used imperialism (domination by one country of political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region). West African wars among Africans, damaging effects of slave trade had undermined established empires, kingdoms, and city-states. Newer African states not strong enough to resist western onslaught. European powers had advantages of strong economies, well organized government, powerful armies/navies. Superior technology (riverboats, telegraph, improved medical knowledge). (Quinine to survive tropical diseases, advances such as machine guns, repeating riffles, steam driven warships were very strong arguments persuading Africans and Asians to accept Western control). France used direct rule; system of government wherein the central government controls the states or provinces. British relied on indirect rule; traditional local power structure, or at least part of it, is incorporated into the colonial administrative structure. They encouraged British education on children of their ruling overall grooming a new westernized generation of leaders to further spread British civilization and installing classes of the elite. However, they could still resort to military force if its control was threatened. Protectorate (local rulers left in place, expected to follow advice of European advisers on issues of trade or missionary). Another western control was Sphere of Influence (area in which outside power claimed exclusive investment or trading privileges) was carved out in China and elsewhere to prevent conflicts among themselves. The causes of world war 1 were due to competition
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