Hitler Was Able to Establish a Dictatorship Because He Banned Other Political Parties, Do You Agree?

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Banning political parties helped Hitler establish a dictatorship because he had no opponents and it would be easier to take total control. This happened because he passed the ‘Enabling Law’ which made it so he could do what he wanted. The banning of all other political parties made Germany a one party state; this enabled him to take control of the administrative, legal and political systems, which gave him total control. He banned the communists after the Reichstag Fire on 27th February 1933. He also banned the Social Democrat Party in June 1933, and then all other parties soon followed. There were also many other factors that made it so Hitler could establish a dictatorship. The Reichstag Fire gave him an opportunity to pass the Law for ‘The Protection of the People and the State’, which ended all the freedoms that were guaranteed by the Weimar Republic. This law gave the police total control. The police and the SA arrested all the communist leaders, their meetings were broken up and newspapers closed down. Also the banning of the trade unions was a contributing factor. He filled all of the legal positions with Nazis so that they can get the results that they wanted. The judges who weren’t Nazis were only allowed to be reappointed if they took an oath of loyalty to Hitler. The enabling law gave him complete control when it was passed on the 23rd March 1933. This gave him the power to make decisions without having to go through the Reichstag or with having the approval of the president, this let him do what he wanted. The law destroyed the Weimar Republic and then the law was passed that the Reichstag members rarely met. Even then these times they met were to listen to one of Hitler's speeches. In November 1933, new ‘elections’ were held for the Reichstag but the Nazis were the only ones who were allowed to stand. The Night of the Long Knives was a key aspect for
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